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Anthony J. Berni, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

Anthony J. Berni, MD Orthopedic Surgeon

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  • Early Intervention andNon OperativeManagement ofHip and Knee Pain

    Hip and knee joints are the common weight-bearing joints and are also the most commonly affected joints by disease conditions such as arthritis, traumatic injuries or sports injuries.

  • Rapid Recovery and Outpatient Joint Replacements

    Hip replacement surgery is the most common orthopedic surgery performed. It involves the replacement of the damaged hip bone...

  • Superpath Hip Replacement

    SuperPaths are percutaneously-assisted total hip surgery, or SuperPath surgery, is a newer, more novel technique of performing a standard total hip arthroplasty where your surgeon utilizes a smaller initial incision.

  • Partial Knee Resurfacing

    Partial knee replacement is an alternative to total knee replacement in patients with arthritis on only one side of the knee. Partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure which involves resurfacing and replacement of only the diseased surface of the joint instead of the entire joint.

  • Non-Cemented Total Knee Replacement

  • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

    The carpal tunnel is a narrow passageway on the palm side of your wrist. Small wrist bones known as carpals form the bottom and sides of your carpal tunnel...

  • Thumb Pain

    Coming soon


  • Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy

    Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive diagnostic and surgical procedure performed for joint problems. Shoulder arthroscopy is performed using a pencil-sized instrument called an Arthroscope.

  • Elbow Pain

    The elbow is a hinge joint made up of 3 bones – humerus, radius and ulna. The bones are held together by ligaments to provide stability to the joint.

  • Fracture Care

    A bone fracture is a medical condition in which a bone is cracked or broken. It is a break in the continuity of the bone. While many fractures are the result of high force impact or stress...

Restoring Your Active Life

Dr. Berni joined St. Charles Orthopedic Surgery Associates in June 1998. He is board-certified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Throughout his career, Dr. Berni has published articles for “Emergency Medicine” and “Foot & Ankle Int.”

Specialized in Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient hip and knee replacement is a new pathway for certain, select patients to be able to undergo hip or knee replacement surgery in the ambulatory surgery center and be discharged home the same day.

Patient Testimonials

  • I saw Dr Berni for knee pain and ended up with replacements. He is very pleasant, easy to understand his diagnosis and surgery procedure. He is interested and concerned about his patient. He gave me all the time I needed for my appointment

  • As I get ready to make the call to take my son to have Dr. Berni look at my son's foot, I am reflecting back on the other trips we have made to see him over the past 6 years. With three active kids, I have found myself bypassing my primary and going directly to Dr. Berni. Dr. Berni is so kind and accurate.

  • Anthony Berni and his staff are very professional, caring and understanding. I've never had a long wait at an appointment, I have had a ton of questions which he or his nurse answers in a very timely manner. Dr Berni spends time with me and explains things in detail. He's the best!!

Practice Locations

  • STL Orthopedics, LTD

    224 South Woods Mill Road, Suite 255 South Chesterfield, MO 63017 Phone: (314) 434-3240

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  • J Berni MD Orthopedic Surgeon American Acaadmey Of Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • American board Of Orthopaedic Surgery
  • J Berni MD Orthopedic Surgeon Saint Louis University
  • J Berni MD Orthopedic Surgeon University Of Missouri-Health
  • J Berni MD Orthopedic Surgeon St Charles Orthopadeic Surgery Associate